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Client : Generation of Dreamers
Completion : August 2010 - August 2019
Role : Founder, Creator Director

My maternal grandmother was a seamstress, my mother was a seamstress and maker, and my aunt is a master seamstress. It's in my DNA! After being laid off from my role as a CADD Drafter at an engineering firm at the age 22, I began to dream for the first time. I realized that I was playing the role that my family wanted me to play, but the Universe had something much bigger in store for me. I watched a number of friends and family members graduateĀ  college with business degrees but struggle with launching their own ideas and landing a job. Instead of finishing my degree at that time, it made more sense to invest that money in my own business and learn by doing (experiential learning). Nothing beats tacit knowledge! However I am re-enrolling fall 2025 to finishing my degree šŸ™‚

August 2010, I launched my first micro business Generation of Dreamers an apparel & art concept brand retailing custom art, varsity jackets, t-shirts, and accessories via e-commerce site, drop shipping and brick & mortar retailers. Within the first three years, the e-commerce-based brand was featured in boutiques in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Japan, and the UK. The brand hosted numerous pop-up shops in various cities and has been worn by several artists including ASAP Ty Beats, King Los, Skyzoo, and Dizzy Wright.Ā 

What I did?
Lead and managed the entire product development process for cut & sew apparel brand including
design, creating tech packs, sourcing, cost negotiation and coordinating production with domestic and international manufacturers and vendors. Lead creative strategy and execution for all print and digital marketing functions including website landing and product pages, email marketing, social media content, packaging, retail merchandisers and sales presentations. Created and implemented GTM (go-to-market strategy). Collaborated with local and national boutiques and tradeshows to curate seasonal art installations as creative merchandising activations to showcase and sell a focused range of consumer lifestyle product categories and apparel.

The brand was featured at
For Rent Shoes - Baltimore
PedX - Baltimore
The Wagon Boutique - New York City
Laced - Boston
Revolutionary Minds - Los Angeles
Uneek Basmnt - Japan
BPM - Japan
Violated Lifestyles - UK
Venue Tradeshow - Los Angeles
The Bank Sale Expo - Los Angeles

After the third year, I shifted from operating the brand as a fully functioning business to a hands-on learning & development tool for myself. Everything does not have to be scaled or funded. Do what works best for you and above all else, have fun!. Remember to PLAY!

*the functionality of this theme limits what media I can add. I will add additional documentation at earthisastage.com August 2024. I have tons of pics and videos!