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Earth Is A Stage: The Lecture Series

Client : STAGES ULTD LLC, Earth Is A Stage Lecture Series
Completion :July 2021 - Current
Role :Creator, Coach, Lecturer

Earth Is A Stage is a coaching platform and lecture series dedicated to Game of Life coaching and personal development. 

Game of life coaching is a tailored style of personal development coaching that challenges “players” to confront role confusion and identity conflicts influenced by stories, narratives, archetypes, and symbols (simulacra & simulation) while navigating the “game” called “life”.

Using educational storytelling, and scholarly and cinematic references, Earth Is A Stage presents information, concepts, and theories from multiple branches of knowledge that include business, psychology, occult, and metaphysics to explore the nature of reality. Earth is a stage that delivers structured peer-to-peer personal development coaching that aims to penetrate the constructs of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and education level to reach the core “player” of each individual. Unlock new scripts, new stages, and new games. Don’t compete, create!

Earth Is A Stage: The Self-Coaching Game System is an innovative and unique approach to self-correction and self-mastery. The self-coaching system consists of a master class, game board, and guidebook and is designed to be a pragmatic, systematic, and tangible approach to your personal healing process. 

Watch full lectures at earthisastage.com/lectures