The Re-Education

Location: School 33 Gallery

Curated by” Melissa Webb

Date: November 11, 2016 – January 21, 2017

Original description

“The Re-Education is an exhibition featuring mixed media and sculptural works, photography, and text in an introspective analysis of the internal and external forces that have helped condition the gifted black mind. Exploring the emotional and psychological factors that cause and enforce the poverty mindset, the collection presents a new perspective on the narrative of institutional, social, societal, economic, and generational pathology that lend a hand in perpetuating the misunderstanding and exploitation of the 21st century black in America. Through the visual language of The Re-Education, C. Harvey intends to break down the barriers of verbal communication between the privileged and the ghetto intellectual; the college educated and the street scholars —a timeline in graphic detail, mapping the mis-education and re-education of America’s brown boys and girls.

This isn’t about being black in America. This is about properly framing the problems that lead to our current condition so we can properly frame solutions.”

Over the years, the meaning of The Re-Education has evolved. I’ve been re-educated. I’ve become enlightened. One day I will show this collection again and share my new beliefs regarding blackness in America.