Life’s A Beach and then You Die

I developed this concept while in Salzburg, Austria. In the months leading up to my visit, I had reached a tipping point. I learned what the world outside me was, and was rocked to my core. I almost gave into the narrative society wrote for me. For a second I started to believe the world was all bad and my very existence would be a fight for life. My time in Salzburg was the catalyst to my ascension triggered supernatural moments. My memory was jogged and I began to remember what the world is and my relation to it.

We feed into the narratives of the world and construct barriers and problems where they don’t exist. Be get trapped in our own trauma and blame the world. I do not believe that this world is good or bad. I believe it is exactly what its suppose to be. Earth is a stage, a stage I use to develop my soul and to have a human experience. I didn’t come to Earth to change the world, I came Earth to change myself. Life can be a bitch, or life can be a beach. I choose the beach. I choose life.

Location: E. Lanvale & N. Montford Ave, Baltimore MD

Date: July 2018

Creative Director: The Creator C aka C. Harvey

Videographer, Editor: Terrence Smalls

Artist: Verze

Wardrobe: Generation of Dreamers

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generation of dreamers 2018, life’s a beach and then you die