If what you need doesn’t exist, create it.

Cadeatra “The Creator C” Harvey is an American Creative, Educator, and emerging Integral Coach. For the past 10+ years she has…actually, speaking about myself in the third person feels narcissistic. Let’s try it this way! Greetings, my stage name is The Creator C. I am a professional human and occasional entrepreneur. I am a buddha with an Attitude. My education background is in Engineering and Technology. I did some cool things in Philanthropy and the Arts & Culture industry. Early 2018 my paradigm shifted and I found my true calling: Business, Education, and Integral Coaching. I’m taking the steps to teach business and psychology on a collegiate level. So now I’m here!

I love business management, project management, creative industries, and education. If you have have gainful opportunities in these areas, shoot me an email! creator@earthisastage.com


2018 Red Bull Intern, Global Consumer Products (HQ Salzburg, Austria)
2018 Starting Bloc Institute Fellow
2017-2019 Red Bull Social Entrepreneurship Fellow
2017 Social Innovator of the Year (Warnock Foundation/Light City)
2016 Warnock Foundation Social Innovation Fellow
2016 Salzburg Global Forum, Cultural Innovator Fellow (Salzburg, Austria)