Cadeatra Harvey

Creative Director + E-commerce Manager

“If what you need doesn’t exist, CREATE it”
C. Harvey is a creative director and content producer with 7+ years experience in apparel design & production and e-commerce management. With a background in engineering technology and Computer Aided Drafting and Design, she stepped into the creative space as a fashion designer. Harvey saw success in the contemporary fashion market with the launch of her 2010 passion project Generation of Dreamers, reaching boutiques in: Baltimore, New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and the UK in the first 3 years.

in 2015 C. turned her attention to her hometown of Baltimore City and began to work with city youth to bring their ideas and dreams to life. She founded Baltimore’s Gifted, an art, fashion and e-commerce initiative to help city youth showcase and sell their products online, in pop-up shop, and commercial retailers. Her efforts in philanthropy have lead to several national and global fellowship achievements and awards including being selected as of of the first US Red Bull Amaphiko Academy Fellows in 2018.