Earth is a stage and all the worlds are watching. Most people think it is a metaphor but it is literal. I have my own show with remote viewers. One of the best episodes of last season was when I visited Oakland to work the Red Bull Creation event. I love road trips and decided to rent a car and drive down to LA to hit the beach for the July 4th weekend. Jason suggested I try the scenic Route 1 along the coast. It was a 12 hour drive but worth every second.

I am exceptional with multiple gifts and talents. In short, I’m ahead of my time. That quality can sometimes fuel an arrogant quality that I have. Well it’s a quality that most of my family (Harvey’s) have. My bravado at times can make those around me feel diminished, but I never want to make anyone feel less than. My ride down the coast diminished me in the best way possible. Riding along the mountainous roadside cliff with no guard rails watching wave after wave in what seemed like an endless ocean dwarfed me. It reminded of how small I am in this world and how short life is. The world is so big and so small at the same time. It reminded me that there is always more to learn and more places to see. I pulled over a few times just to sit on the ground a stare at the water. It was so humbling to remember the hidden power the planet has and could unleash at any moment. So just relax and enjoy the show.

On the way back to Oakland from LA, I drove up Interstate 5 to save time. A much different experience. If you have ever taken the I-5 for a distance, you know it’s nothing but hills, farmland, and cow farts. The drive started boring and it was hot, I mean hot hot. The temperature displayed as 124 degrees around 1pm. As I’m driving, I see smoke plumes in the distance popping up left and right. I said to myself “glad I’m nowhere near those fires because that would suck”. I keep driving and the smoke plumes felt like they were getting closer and closer. Next thing I know, traffic comes to a complete stop…all 5 lanes. As I round the first hill, I see thicker smoke and cars turning in the wrong direction on the highway to get back to the last exit. It can’t be that bad after all if the policeman is waiving everyone through? I could only see smoke from the one hill I was going around. Once I got all the way around the hill, I saw that ALL the hills were on fire! Oh! That’s why everyone was turning around on a highway. But it seemed like more work to maneuver through 5 lanes of traffic going the wrong way on a highway than to just keep going straight, so I decided to drive through the fire.

There were hills on my left and right, and the fire scorched the hills all the way down to the asphalt. I could smell burning rubber and thought my tires would melt. The smoke was so heavy, I had to take off my shirt and hold it over my nose and mouth to breath, and even then, I started choking a bit. I could feel the heat of the fire on my face and my eyes burning. It got to a point that those of us that kept driving straight had to turn on our high beams and drive at a snail’s pace. We couldn’t see past the brake lights in front of us or the sky above us. Oh shit, what did I get myself into!? It felt like I was in the belly of the beast. Then my episode got exciting. The sun started breaking through again, and I watched these small planes weaving through a wind turbine farm dropping this red fire retardant stuff onto the hills to put out the fire. Next thing I know, I’m on the other side of the fire. I made it! There was only light traffic the rest of my ride.

Much of what we truly desire from life, if not all, is waiting for us just on the other side of fear. But that’s just it, many of us get stuck in our fears and can’t see past them. We see obstacles in life as a raging wildfire and chose to turn around and go back to safety versus exploring the belly of the beast…the unknown. Sometimes when we cannot see a path we assume that there is no path, but you don’t need sight to have vision. You need heart and soul. Lean forward with faith and burning desire in everything you do. That’s the promise I made to myself when I made it back to Oakland.

I wonder what my next season will bring. A twin flame or soul mate I hope…life’s kind of boring when there’s no one to share with.

P.S. I am not sorry for not having more pics! As soon as I turned the corner, I put my phone down. My pics from the coast line were lost when my old phone crashed 🙁 which means you’ll have to go see for yourself.