This is at the top of my all time favorite projects. I was inspired to do this after my second trip to Salzburg, Austria. I returned home renewed and in a different frame of mind. I finally let go of the survival mindset and shifted into a thriving mindset. I was reminded that everything in my life starts and stops with me including my happiness. Life is truly a beach, but through our misunderstanding, judgement, and denials of ourselves and others; we make like a bitch when it doesn’t have to be. My life is a complete blessing and I am grateful for every moment of it. We create our heaven and our hell.

Life is a Beach and then You Die is a reminder to myself that life is abundant if I choose to accept it. The world is a my finger tips is I choose to grab it. Life is a beach when I’m not scared to swim.

Shutout to: Terrence Smalls, Brian Seymore, Roscoe Davis, and Verze