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Red Bull Amaphiko Academy and Fellowship

Client :Red Bull
Completion : February 2018
Role : Fellow

Red Bull Amaphiko, a global program supporting social entrepreneurs launch it's first U.S academy in Baltimore, Maryland in 2017. Launched by energy drink company Red Bull, the mission of Amaphiko – which translates into “wings” in the South African language of Zulu – is to support, to give wings (“Red Bull gives you wings!”) to people creating solutions and positive impact within their communities.

The first U.S. stop for Red Bull Amaphiko is Baltimore, Maryland, a city with its own unique challenges as well as a formidable reputation as a leading social impact hub. The program’s primary platform is the Academy, which begins with a 10-day residency program that brings together hand-selected social entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate with some of the world’s leading innovators, entrepreneurs and storytellers. The 10-day residency is followed by an 18-month individually tailored development program that further helps the social entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.

“The program and platform is all about supporting people and ideas. It’s about supporting people in the community that are on the grass-roots level. Out of 250 applicants the program chose 15 fellows, six of whom are from Baltimore. Each is working to solve an issue in the community they are from." - ,” A.J. White, U.S. Red Bull Amaphiko Program Manager

Learn more about the program here