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Game of Life Coaching: Game-based Learning System

Completion :2022 - Current
Role : Creator, Coach, Product Manager

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1. Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my story? What role am I playing in the world and why? These are questions we all have asked ourselves at different stages of our lives. These are questions we spend hundreds of dollars and hours on therapy and coaching for, even though they aren't always effective in addressing the root of our problems.

There are several barriers to accessing quality personal development and wellness services such as cost, cultural mismatching, fear of judgment, fear of failure, commitment, and reporting bias of efficacy.

2. How are narratives, stories, archetypes, and symbols influencing your patterns of thought and behavior. Who were you before the world gave you a story?


  • Create a comprehensive game learning system that challenges the stories, narratives, archetypes, and symbols that have influenced our identities and perception of the world. 
  • Incorporate self-coaching and self-education to meet personal development needs when access to traditional coaching or therapy is unavailable
  • Make the system accessible for multiple demographics, psychographics, and income levels.


  • Lead and managed the complete product lifecycle process of a multimodal game-based learning system offering comprehensive wellness and personal development education for millennials and GenZers 
  • Created self-paced NeuroArts curriculum based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and inquiry based pedagogical model
  • Conducted extensive market research using first party data and 200+ user stories to determine pre-market fit, pricing, margin and profitability targets 
  • Conducted feature prioritization and feedback exercises with internal stakeholders and playtesters (customers) to inform go-to-market (GTM) strategy
  • Coordinated the procurement and production for high fidelity prototypes and MVP (minimum viable product) based on initial PRD (product requirements documents) using zero to one management methodology


A one player, multimodal game based learning system consisting of 1) a game board, 2) a guidebook, and 3) a e-masterclass series.

  • Recorded 17 pilot lectures (master class) between April 2021 and August 2022 
  • Testing began Feb 2023 and will conclude April 2023
  • Received two scholarships to become a certified personal development coach. Received certifications in October 2022
  • Launched crowdfunding campaign June 2023, raised $4700 to produce first retail game sets


Players advance their ARCHETYPES DICE as they complete self-coaching and re-scripting exercises in the guidebook. The final goal? To rewrite your story as your authentic, whole self and choose the role that represents who you really are. This is not a game that you can lose. You can only heal. After all, we are all stories. Let’s get started.

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Learn more and buy the game-based learning system at earthisastage.com/shop